Official regulation for Volcano 100 Miles

100 Volcano Volcano Regulations

Article 1. The Organizer

VOLCANO 100 miles is within VOLCANO ULTRA MARATHON a sporting event organized by VOLCANO EXTREME SPORTS, LIMITED COMPANY, constituted in accordance with Spanish legislation.

Article 2. Concept

VOLCANO 100 miles is a race of 100 miles, 160 km, with a maximum time of 40 hours, in the discipline of free-of-pace running in semi-assistance.

Each competitor must carry a backpack containing their mandatory equipment, food and personal equipment. Participants must follow the route set by the organizers, have a route book or a map.

VOLCANO 100 miles takes place in the month of December 2021 (From March 30 to April 5 for internationals.
The event will take place on April 1, 2021 See full itinerary (Program)

The number of participants in this race is limited to 50. After all the runners’ applications have been reviewed by the organizing committee, the successful ones are randomly selected using the lottery system.

Article 3. Program

VOLCANO 100 miles will take place on April 1, 2021 (COSTA RICA) with the following itinerary:

  1. 1 – ARRIVAL AT SAN JOSÉ AIRPORT / Hotel – April 30
  2.  TRANSFER Race camp and equipment controls – April 31
  3. Race start – April 1 (40 hours)
  4. Final stage of the ceremony – April 3
  5. TRANSFER Hotel Barceló Palacio San Jose – April 4

See itinerary

VOLCANO 100 Miles reserves the right to modify the rules and conditions of the event, the details of the race, the route of the race, including the destination, in case of forces beyond our control or if it is necessary for the safety of the group .


Article 4. Entry conditions for brokers

VOLCANO 100 miles is open to anyone over 18 and 60, of any nationality who accepts the rules and conditions of the race.

  • Certifying at least one run of at least 100km in non-stop mode or in stages.
  • In the health requirements of each competitor they must present a medical certificate validating the good state of health.
  • A resting ECG report is mandatory and must be dated no more than 30 days before the start or the race.
  • Registration fees must be paid 90 days before the event.

Article 5. CHECK-IN before the race

The administrative, technical and medical check-up will be carried out according to the established plan. Participants must comply with all administrative and technical requirements (ART. 16 and 17). Any participant who does not meet all the required conditions can be excluded from the race without reimbursement of the fees paid.

Article 6. Time limit and classification per kilometer

The VOLCANO 100 mile exit will be grouped. Participants must start at the time indicated by the organization. The time limit is 40 hours.
During VOLCANO 100 miles, CP7 (approximately km 70 and km 128) will be the point of life for all runners, where they will have access to their life bag, they will have health care, hot water and rest points, the passage through this point will be double, having the possibility of access to your life bag in the two passes.

This point will be closed 20 hours after the start, anyone who has not crossed checkpoint 7 within 20 hours will be disqualified.

* Any control point (CP) may withdraw a competitor if he considers that he will exceed the cut-off time of the life point or total time of the event.

Article 7: Marking and road book

Participants must follow the route marked by the organization. If they do not, they can incur sanctions of varying severity. The course will be marked approximately every 500 meters. There are several natural landmarks that will serve as additional benchmarks. A road book will be delivered to each broker. This will be explained and detailed in the technical talk before the event. The marking will be done days before the start and in the hours before the start of each stage.


  • Ribbons
  • Posters
  • Flags
  • Organization staff

The runner will be penalized if he does not have the road book during the race.

Article 8: Checkpoint Camp, Bivouac

The checkpoints are at regular intervals (approximately 12 km).
Competitors must pass through checkpoints, otherwise penalties will apply. Water distribution points on both the start and arrival lines of each stage of the day are mandatory control points.
Checkpoints will allow career staff to record schedules and distribute water.
A medical assistance will be available at checkpoints.
The runners will have a camp on departure and on arrival, participants will sleep in tents in these camps.
Competitors can rest a maximum of 1 hours at checkpoints. If a competitor stops for more than one hour, either along the course or at a checkpoint, this will be considered an indication of a health problem and a health check will be carried out to assess whether the competitor It is able to continue or not.
The maximum time allowed at the POINT OF LIFE will not exceed 5 hours.

Article 9: Water Supply

The organization is responsible for supplying water to each competitor, sufficient quantity for a daily water intake depending on the scheduled water distribution times / locations. Water will not be supplied at any other time.

VOLCANO 100 miles:

  • 2 liters before departure.
  • 28 liters during the race, free of charge. (stroke direction can force maximum load)
  • 2 liters on arrival.

Article 10: Penalties and Disqualification

Reason for penalty – Elimination:

  • The document is missing in the administrative checks before the event
  • Use of a transport during the competition
  • Do not respect the organizer’s safety instructions
  • Behavior judged by the organization as disrespectful and / or dangerous for the group or the environment.

Reason for penalty – Maximum penalty of 3 hours:

  • Lack of mandatory equipment
  • There is no road book or there is no itinerary map

Reason for penalty – Maximum penalty of 2 hours:

  • Do not follow the marks
  • Lack of passage at a checkpoint
  • Failure to respect the environment

Reason for penalty – Maximum penalty of 1 hour:

  • Do not respect the ID marks and / or their positioning (ID and / or patches)
  • Receive extra food or extra water


All competitors have the right to monitor and report any violation of the rules and regulations of the race.
Appeals, in writing, must be made within the limit period of the race and along with any supporting evidence (such as photographs or videos) must be submitted to the career direction. Career direction will mediate in all these cases and reserves the right of final decision on the matter.

** The maximum penalty will be applied in the serious breach of any of the penalizable points, career management may evaluate the reduction of the penalty from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours depending on the breach, mileage, podium influences or a Once the reasons for the breach have been evaluated, it is decided to reduce the penalty for the failure in several points not related to the facts performed by the athlete.

Article 11: Abandonment

In case a competitor leaves the race, he must inform a representative of the organization and give him his race number. No competitor may leave the race without informing the organization and sign an official withdrawal form as stipulated by VOLCANO 100 miles.

A competitor can leave the race at any time. However, the first notification of leaving the race has a grace period of 30 minutes during which a competitor can withdraw his request to leave the race.

Article 12: Classification

The time of each competitor is indicated in hours, minutes and seconds.

Annex classification teams race in DUO

12.1 Teams consist of two people of any gender. Each team must designate a team captain and a team name.

12.2 Any action against a competitor that is part of a team shall apply to the entire team.

12.3 Team members should never be out of sight of each other or alternatively. Team members must go through the start line, all control points and the finish line together.

12.4 If a team member withdraws or is disqualified this will be grounds for disqualification of the rest of the team from the Team Category.

12.5 If a team is disqualified, each remaining team member can still continue in the Race in the individual category.

12.6 The race organization may impose a time penalty on any competitor if, in their sole discretion, they determine that an unfair advantage will be obtained if the members of a team become individual.

Article 13: Award

All runners will receive a medal and gift from finisher to be a finalist (finisher) is mandatory completion of the entire kilometers of the event.

Final classification of the first three will be made, in female, male and duo podium.

* The winners in the male female category and duo are included dorsal for the next edition. (without flight)

Article 14: Medical Assistance

A medical team specialized in sports medicine will be present throughout the race and will have special assistance vehicles. They will ensure that participants do not suffer from physical or mental exhaustion.
The medical team can stop a competitor and disqualify any participant who feels physically unable to continue the race or receive vital medical attention.

If the competitor refuses to comply with these demands, he or she becomes solely responsible for any consequences that may arise from it.

Mandatory medical treatment
In case of any medical emergency, participants must provide
necessary assistance to the injured runner, and notify the race staff immediately, and wait until the race staff arrives at the emergency site.

Emergency medical care can only be administered by the race doctor.

Article 15: Neutralization, Modification And Cancellation

The race can be stopped if the organization considers it necessary for security reasons.

If a participant finds a safety problem that would endanger him, or other personnel (including other competitors, organizers, personal medical staff and volunteers, etc.), the competitor must report the problem to the career direction as soon as possible.

Article 16: Mandatory Equipment

The mandatory equipment and personal belongings of each participant (food, survival equipment and equipment, etc.) must be transported by the competitor.

Food: each participant must provide and load their own food for 100 miles VOLCANO, each competitor must carry 1,700k / calories for the race feed until they reach the point of life, and a 600k / sealed emergency food kit Otherwise calories will be penalized.

Life Bag:

Each competitor will receive a life bag in which they can include everything they deem necessary for use at the point of life. It can include food and spare equipment, the mandatory material will be loaded in all the kilometers. The bags will be all the same and of the same capacity in liters, you can not carry anything outside them or tied to them.

This bag will not be carried by the correctly identified organization, the bag will be provided by the organization, REMEMBER it is not allowed to include mandatory material.

➔ Gas stoves are strictly prohibited. (see material list)

Competitors are solely responsible for any damage (including wear and tear) or loss of their personal equipment and material sustained during the race.

See mandatory material: Mandatory Material

Article 17: Registration

Registration fees do not include (without air transport), are adjusted for hotel use or not.

Registration without hotel: From € 195
* This registration does not include accommodation, see mandatory options and points.

Registration with hotel: From € 395
* This registration includes accommodation, see mandatory options and points.

* The non-hotel reservation implies that each runner must show up on the day indicated in the itinerary and manage their transfers and transfers.

Payment methods:
Credit card
Wire transfer
(confirmed by justification).
Send mail to

Article 18: Cancellation

Registrations open on October 10, 2019.
Any cancellation produced after 09/01/2020 at 3:00 p.m. will not be entitled to any type of refund **.

** Only those received after the new date. The rest will not be refunded.

Article 19: Insurance

Each competitor will have to take assistance and repatriation insurance, each Costa Rican rider, is obliged to carry a medical assistance insurance for sports tests with a minimum duration of 3 days.

  • The certificate of this insurance must be provided in the administrative file before departure.
  • Each competitor takes part in the full knowledge of the risks that the course of this competition may cause and exempts the organization from any responsibility in case of accident or physical problems.

Two types of insurance are required:

  1. Personal repatriation insurance valid during the entire period of the race.
  2. Personal accident insurance valid during the entire period of the race.

Article 20: Communication

The race number must be placed according to the instructions of the organizers, the names and logos of the official sponsors must not be hidden.

Article 21: Image Rights

VOLCANO 100 miles reserves all exclusive rights for photographic coverage of VOLCANO 100 miles.
Participants must accept that VOLCANO 100 miles has an exclusive use of their individual or collective images for everything directly or indirectly related to their participation in VOLCANO 100 miles.

Article 22: Disclaimer

Each runner has been informed of medical contraindications that may affect their participation in the race and, consequently, acquits the organization of the race (including medical and technical personnel) of any responsibility for medical problems or injuries they may suffer during the race. event.

Competitors recognize and accept that the race goes through different environments of complicated access with a remote location of each participant, so that the evacuation of an injured athlete to the nearest hospital can take several hours, and that there may be more delays due to problems local topographic conditions, weather, natural disasters and public accidents.

All athletes are required to sign the disclaimer document to obtain the bib number.

Article 23: Cancellation of the event due to natural disaster

You will participate in an extreme sporting event in an extreme environment, going through sleeping volcanoes, which can wake up without warning, both the 100 mile VOLCANO address and the local PC media will be in direct contact to solve any nature awakening that does not It is in human hands to control, but to protect and evacuate their athletes.

That is why VOLCANO 100 miles reserves the right to cancel the event for the safety of its participants when required by the security assessment team, together with the decision of the local authorities.

Article 24: VOLCANO Ethics 100 miles

The world of extreme races brings together people who not only practice in a sporting activity, but also believe and respect important values ​​that constitute the ethics of Sport.

Respect for People

  • Respect themselves: no deception, neither before nor during the race.
  • Respect other brokers: provide assistance to another runner in difficulty. Respect the volunteers: the volunteers, who also participate for pleasure.

Respect for Nature

  • Respect the fauna and flora not throwing waste.
  • Follow the marked roads, without shortening on the outside, to avoid soil erosion.

Participation and fellowship

  • Everyone, contestants or volunteers, supports and does what is necessary to offer help in any situation.
  • Support for a humanitarian purpose, it invites you to relativize your own suffering.

Environmental and garbage responsibilities.

100 miles VOLCANO is committed to serving society by protecting the environment, celebrating an ecological race and protecting the fragile ecosystem of Costa Rica.
If it is found that competitors violate these principles, career direction according to the severity of the incident, will issue a warning, time penalty, even disqualifying the participant.
If VOLCANO 100 miles is required to make compensation for any damage caused by the violation to any third party, the competitor assumes responsibility for damages caused to VOLCANO 100 miles or the institution designated by VOLCANO 100 miles. Garbage, All rest and timing stations on the track are equipped with trash cans, participants must not leave trash on the course, all must be taken outside the race area and then disposed of in a designated place.

Article 25: Visas and entry in Costa Rica

ATTENTION to this part
Career management and organizing committee is not responsible for a competitor not obtaining an entry Visa or refusal of entry to the country of the event, due to irregularities in his passport / travel permit, or breach of the requirements related to these (for For example, having an insufficient period of validity in the passport when entering Costa Rica / applying for a visa). Registration fees will not be refunded.

ARTICLE 26: Prohibited Substances

The use of stimulants, narcotics and recreational drugs is strictly prohibited. During the race violations of this rule lead to immediate disqualification and a lifetime ban on the race.
The consumption of beverages and alcoholic products is strictly prohibited during the event.