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From March 30 to April 5, 2021






* This option does not include hotel accommodation





Recommended option for internationals

What does your registration include?

* Check the conditions that each registration

2 hotel nights in a double room with breakfast

Two nights in a 4 * hotel with breakfast included. First night upon arrival of runners on March 30. Second night at the end of the test on April 4. Includes transfer to the airport.

* Only in the GENERAL option

Transfer from airport and hotel

Transfer from airport and hotel both at the arrival and at the end of the event, also including hotel transfers to camps.

* Check the conditions that each registration

A unique tour

A unique journey of 100 miles for the enjoyment of the runners and where they will live a unique experience, discovering the wildest and most unknown Costa Rica.

Individual tent

Tent where each of the runners will sleep in a unique camp.

Life bag

Life bag for the use of the corridor supplies midway.

Finisher T-shirt

Unique and limited edition T-shirt for 100 mile VOLCANO finisher

Finisher Medal

Commemorative and unique medal for all VOLCANO 100 mile finisher

GPS tracking

Follow-up via GPS device that will allow to maintain the safety of the runners, as well as offer a follow-up for family members.

Photographic material

Professional photographs during the free use career for publication and personal use.

Luggage transport and luggage storage during the race

Luggage transport and luggage storage during the race that will be delivered to the runners at the end of the event.

Control points managed with specialized personnel

Control points and liquid supplies accompanied by medical equipment and career direction.

Water during and after the race

Water during and after the race (hot water in base camps and CP). Each corridor will have a certain number of liters of water both at the exit, control points and goal. The organization will also make hot water available for food processing.

Experienced medical staff

Experienced medical team to follow the runners.

Final party

Final party, ceremony and awards ceremony.

Companion Pack

Live the Volcano experience from within

Know more

Material included

Material and bag of the Volcano 100 Miles runner


Recommendations and tips to prepare and organize Volcano 100 Miles

Volcano 100 Miles requires as a mandatory material a different material to run 160km with total safety of equipment and food.

  • Long sock.
  • Raincoat with cap over 6000 to 10000mm waterproof.
  • Canes.
  • Filtered water scrubber.
  • Flashlight replacement.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses

(All the material you think you have to carry and we have not included you)

* Life Bag: remember that you can include in this bag everything you estimate for your self-help once you get there. You can only have the material and food that you can include in it, so it is very important that all the material you want to include is light and as small as possible. Once you get there you can sleep, so we recommend that you include the material you deem necessary for rest.

Volcano 100 Miles is an event with unique characteristics and its participation presents numerous medical risks, many of which can be extremely serious or, rarely, fatal.

Participation in this event is at the runner’s own risk. Although Volcano 100 Miles has medical staff at various points throughout the course, the inaccessibility of much of the road may make it difficult or impossible for medical assistance to reach the corridor in a timely manner. Many sections of the trail can be accessed only on foot, horse or vehicle. Each runner is encouraged to consult with their own personal care physician regarding any physical or medical limitations before attempting the Race.

It is important that each participant recognizes the possible physical and mental tensions that may evolve from participation in this Race. Runners may be subject to extreme heat and cold. They can develop hypothermia, hyperthermia, dehydration, hypoglycemia, hyponatremia, disorientation and mental and physical exhaustion. Volcano 100 Miles and medical staff strive to work with the runners. Adequate physical and mental conditioning before the Race is mandatory. If you have not been able to prepare properly, do not try to run!

Brokers should appreciate the risks associated with participating in this event. You may need to take action on your behalf under extreme time constraints and adverse circumstances. We will make reasonable efforts to provide assistance whenever possible. Ultimately and primarily, you are in charge and are likely to be solely responsible for creating your own crisis to which we must respond later. 100 MILES VOLCANO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DEBT INCURRED.

From the organization we put at your disposal the management of direct flights or with stops to the reference airport. Once at the airport, transfers will be direct and by the organization to the host hotel of the event.

We recommend that you organize the trip in time and verify the established program. A lot of attention to travel visas. Athletes who do not choose the hotel option and transfers will not be within the coverage of the organization until its presentation. We recommend comfortable and appropriate clothing at the temperatures of the area for transfers.

From the organization we make available the purchase of adequate insurance for the sports event, with specialized agents and on the dates indicated. Keep in mind that they are MANDATORY.

Each competitor will have to take assistance and repatriation insurance, each Costa Rican rider, is obliged to carry a medical assistance insurance for sports tests with a minimum duration of 3 days.

  • The certificate of this insurance must be provided in the administrative file before departure.
  • Each competitor takes part in the full knowledge of the risks that the course of this competition may cause and exempts the organization from any responsibility in case of accident or physical problems.